RAW cakes

RAW desserts as gourmet experience.

Somewhile everybody reaches out for something sweet. It is well known that the consumption of traditional sweets has a negative impact on our health, but you do not have to give up all sweets. Our raw desserts are as good for your body as for your soul. You get rich dose of vitamins B and C, zinc, potassium, selenium, iron, magnesium and beneficial unsaturated fatty acids, which have beneficial effects in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.


Why are our RAW desserts healthy?

  • Ingredients are not heat-treated and retain full of valuable vitamins, enzymes and minerals.
  • We do not use refined sugar. We sweeten exclusively with organic agave, which supports proper functioning of the intestinal microflora and the absorption of nutrients into the body.
  • Everything is prepared from fresh, pure plant ingredients without any artificial additives.
  • Desserts are naturally gluten-free and vegan.


Are you planning a family celebration? Or do you just want make somebody happy with an unusual gift?

Choose from a wide range of our delicious RAW desserts and treat yourself and your loved ones with healthy sweets that satisfy a natural craving for sweets better than traditional cakes.

Order in our RAW shop the whole cake full of taste and enjoy healthy snacking.


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