Monday 10.5.2021

Soup: Creamy beetroot with coconout milk GF,V
1. Lentil dhal with coconut milk and baked sweet potatoes, jasmine rice GF,V
2. Rosemary roast vegetable with seitan V [1,6,10]
3. Broccoli croquettes with blue cheese, mashed potatoes GF [3,7]
Salad: Asparagus šalát GF,V
Dessert: RAW raspberry – lime mousse GF,V [8]

Tuesday 11.5.2021

Soup: Potato – leek cream GF,V
1. Barley groats with sheep cheese, chives and tempeh [1,6,7]
2. Hokaido stew, parsley potatoes GF,V
3. Grilled robi on spicy spinach, baked potatoes V,S [1,6,10]
Salad: Brocolli-tomato salad with olives GF,V
Dessert: Chocolate-red currants cake GF,V [6]

Wednesday 12.5.2021

Soup: Sour cream lentils soup GF,V
1. Teriaki goody foody saute, jasmine rice V [1,6,11]
2. Carrot-zucchini pancakes, potato and green pea puree GF,V [6]
3. Nasi goreng GF,S [3,6,8,10]
Salad: Spicy tomato-bean salad GF,V,S
Dessert: Chocolate-red currants cake GF,V [6]

Thursday 13.5.2021

Soup: Tomato soup with white beans GF,V [12]
1. Fregola Sarda with tomatoes [1,3,7]
2. Buckwheat loaf with tofu and BBQ glaze, mashed potatoes with fried onions GF,V [6]
3. Seitan in red curry with leek and mushrooms, jasmine rice V,S [1]
Salad: Cucumber salad with mint GF,V
Dessert: Punch cake GF [3]

Friday 14.5.2021

Soup: Vegetable broth with miso GF,V [6,9]
1. Asparagus-tomato risotto GF [7]
2. Pumpkin gratin with smoked cheese GF [7]
3. Tofu with vegetable-peanut sauce, brown rice GF,V,S [5,6]
Salad: Spring salad with ramson GF,V
Dessert: Punch cake GF [3]

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