Monday 5.12.2022

Soup: Sour mushroom soup GF,V
1. Lentil dhal with coconut milk and baked sweet potatoes, jasmine rice GF,V
2. Baked gnocchi with tempeh and cheddar [1,3,6,7,9]
3. Creamy barley groats with parmesan, baked peppers and coriander [1,7,12]
Salad: Chinese cabbage with horseradish GF,V

Tuesday 6.12.2022

Soup: Hokkaido cream GF,V
1. Robi slices in the vegetable creamy sauce, baked potatoes V [1,9,10]
2. Broccoli quiche with blue cheese, mashed potatoes [1,3,7]
3. Gobi tikka masala, brown rice GF,V
Salad: Mexican corn salad GF,V [9]

Wednesday 7.12.2022

Soup: Borecole-tomato soup with quinoa GF,V [9]
1. Vegan köttbullar in gravy sauce, baked potatoes GF,V [6,10]
2. African stew with red beans and peanut butter, jasmine rice GF,V [5]
3. Tagliatelle with red pesto and goody foody V [1,6,8]
Salad: Cobb salad [1,3,6,10]

Thursday 8.12.2022

Soup: French onion soup GF,V [12]
1. Millet-tempeh balls on red cabbage, baked potatoes GF,V [6]
2. Paneer tikka masala, basmati rice GF [7]
3. Baked no-fish fillet with vegetables and cheese, mashed patotoes with olive oil [1,3,7]
Salad: Cauliflower salad with sun-dried tomatoes GF,V

Friday 9.12.2022

Soup: Winter vegetable broth GF,V
1. Mushroom stew, brown rice GF,V
2. Sheep cheese fries, mashed potatoes [1,3,7]
3. Hokkaido pumpkin gratin with smoked cheese and thyme GF [7]
Salad: Sesame-spinach salad GF,V [11]

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