Monday 20.9.2021

Soup: Vegan mushroom soup GF,V
1. Mediterranean rigatoni with Parmesan [1,3,7]
2. Szeged goulash with smoked organic tempeh, steamed dumpling V [1,6]
3. Sweet potato-spinach patties, mashed potatoes GF,V
Salad: Mexican corn salad GF,V [9]
Dessert: RAW strawberry-vanilla mousse GF,V [8]

Tuesday 21.9.2021

Soup: Pea cream with coconout milk GF,V
1. Robi baked with parmesan and Brussels sprouts, mashed potatoes [1,7]
2. Grilled tofu with vegetable creamy sauce, baked potatoes GF,V [6,9,10]
3. Mushroom croquettes with dill sauce, baked potatoes V [1,6]
Salad: Coleslaw GF [7,10]
Dessert: Coconut cube GF,V [6,8]

Wednesday 22.9.2021

Soup: Autumn chickpea soup GF,V
1. Rosemary roast vegetable with seitan V [1,6,10]
2. Goody foody vegetable balls with cream sauce, baked potatoes [1,6,7]
3. Lentil stew with baked oyster mushrooms, jasmine rice GF,V
Salad: Brocolli-tomato salad with olives GF,V
Dessert: Coconut cube GF,V [6,8]

Thursday 23.9.2021

Soup: Vegetable soup with sweet potato GF,V
1. Hokaido tempeh steak, mashed patotoes with olive oil V [1,6]
2. Beetroot bulgur with balkan cheese [1,7]
3. Thay yellow curry with mango, basmati rice GF,V,S [6]
Salad: Kohlrabi-mungo sprouts with carrot GF,V
Dessert: Caramel cheesecake [1,3,7]

Friday 24.9.2021

Soup: Creamy white bean soup with thyme GF,V
1. Ginger tofu with mushrooms and broccoli, brown rice GF,V [6]
2. Sheep cheese quiche with leek and thyme, mashed potatoes [1,7]
3. Zucchini moussaka [1,7]
Salad: Mixed vegetable salad with chickpea GF,V [10]
Dessert: Caramel cheesecake [1,3,7]

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