Monday 22.7.2024

Soup: Pumpkin cream with tumeric GF,V
1. Vegan Paella GF,V
2. Beetroot strudel with feta and nuts, mashed patotoes with olive oil [1,3,7,8,11]
3. Coconut stir-fry with tofu, jasmine rice GF,V [6]
Salad: Carrot-apple GF,V
Dessert: RAW cashew cream GF,V [8]

Tuesday 23.7.2024

Soup: Vegetable soup with red lentils GF,V
1. Potato gratin with spinach and mozzarella GF [3,7]
2. Chickpea curry with organic tempeh, jasmine rice GF,V,S [6]
3. Penne puttanesca with goody foody V [1,6]
Salad: Sesame-spinach salad GF,V [11]
Dessert: Mango cake GF [3]

Wednesday 24.7.2024

Soup: Sour cream lentils soup GF,V
1. Eggplant on tomato with basil, jasmine rice GF,V
2. Zucchini gratin with feta, parsley potatoes [1,3,7]
3. Baked spinach-mozzarella burgers, parsley potatoes [1,3,7]
Salad: Radicchio salad with cranberries GF [7]
Dessert: Mango cake GF [3]

Thursday 25.7.2024

Soup: Summer borsch soup GF,V
1. Tofu with vegetable-peanut sauce, jasmine rice GF,V [5,6]
2. Celery-carrot patties in red lentils, baked potatoes [1,3,7,9]
3. “French potatoes” casserole with tofu GF [3,6,7,10]
Salad: Valeriana with grapefruit and pomegranate GF,V
Dessert: Carrot cake with orange cream [1,3,7,8]

Friday 26.7.2024

Soup: Carrot soup with peas and buckwheat GF,V
1. Peppers stuffed with goody foody in tomato sauce, baked potatoes V [1,6]
2. Teriyaki tempeh stir fry, jasmine rice GF,V [6,8,11]
3. Blue cheese fries, mashed potatoes [1,3,7]
Salad: 0 GF,V [8]
Dessert: Carrot cake with orange cream [1,3,7,8]

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