Monday 1.3.2021

Soup: Mexican cream soup GF,V
1. Asian noodles with vegetables, tofu and peanut sauce, baked potatoes V,S [1,5,6]
2. Robi à la Stroganoff, baked potatoes [1,7,10]
3. Hokaido pumpkin on cumin with green beans, brown rice GF,V
Salad: Salad with mozzarella cheese and olives GF [7]
Dessert: Raw raspberry mousse GF,V [8]

Tuesday 2.3.2021

Soup: Borsch soup GF,V [9]
1. Spinach and cheese lasagna [1,3,7]
2. Cauliflower curry with cashew nuts, brown rice GF,V,S [8,10]
3. Zucchini-lemon risotto with parmesan cheese GF [7,12]
Salad: Lentil salad with rocket and cherry tomatoes GF,V
Dessert: Lime – coconut cake GF,V

Wednesday 3.3.2021

Soup: Bean soup with root vegetables GF,V [9]
1. Shepherd’s pie GF,V [6]
2. Vegetable burgers with Bulgarian spices, mashed potatoes [1,3,7]
3. Robi steak with caramelized onion and pea puree, parsley potatoes V [1,10]
Salad: Sesame-spinach salad GF,V [11]
Dessert: Lime – coconut cake GF,V

Thursday 4.3.2021

Soup: Curry soup with coconut milk GF,V
1. Cabbage rolls stuffed with vegetables and tempeh in tomato sauce, leek potatoes GF,V [6]
2. Hokkaido pumpkin gratin with smoked cheese and thyme GF [7]
3. Vegan Paella GF,V
Salad: Mixed corn GF,V
Dessert: Chestnut cake with chocolate GF [7]

Friday 5.3.2021

Soup: Vegetable soup with millet GF,V
1. Alfredo tagliatelle with goody foody and greenpea [1,3,6,7]
2. Buckwheat balls in creamy tandoori sauce, baked potatoes GF [7]
3. Moroccan chickpeas, jasmine rice GF,V
Salad: Spring cous-cous salad V [1]
Dessert: Chestnut cake with chocolate GF [7]

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