Monday 20.3.2023

Soup: Mixed legume soup GF,V [9]
1. Gnocchi with kale, parmesan cheese and tempeh [1,6,7]
2. Robi slices in the vegetable creamy sauce, baked potatoes V [1,9,10]
3. Aloo-gobi/subji, jasmine rice GF,V,S [10]
Salad: Rocket-cabbage salad with pumpkin seeds GF,V

Tuesday 21.3.2023

Soup: Kohlrabi soup with carrot GF,V
1. Spaghetti cake [1,3,6,7]
2. Mushroom croquettes with dill sauce, mashed potatoes [1,6]
3. Chickpea ragout with pumpkin and spinach, jasmine rice GF,V
Salad: Beetroot salad with seeds and rocket GF,V

Wednesday 22.3.2023

Soup: Harira (Moroccan chickpea soup) GF,V
1. Potato-tempeh burgers on sour cabagge V [1,6]
2. Lentil stew with eggplant and tofu, brown rice GF,V [6]
3. Zucchini moussaka [1,7]
Salad: Radicchio salad with cranberries GF,V

Thursday 23.3.2023

Soup: Minestrone soup GF,V [9]
1. Vegetable curry with tofu and coconut milk, jasmine rice GF,V,S [6]
2. Asian vegetable noodles with sesame [1,3,6,11]
3. Blue cheese fries, mashed potatoes [1,3,7]
Salad: Rocket salad with olives GF,V

Friday 24.3.2023

Soup: Pea-mint soup GF,V
1. Hokkaido pumpkin gratin with smoked cheese and thyme GF [7]
2. Robi steak with Balkan cheese, chive potatoes [1,3,7]
3. Grilled tofu with mashed chickpea and roasted peppers, chive potatoes GF,V [6,10]
Salad: Rosso “honey” salad with nuts GF,V [8]

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