Monday 4.7.2022

Soup: Frankfurt soup with smoked tofu GF,V [6]
1. Lentil dhal with coconut milk and baked sweet potatoes, brown rice GF,V
2. Goody foody vegetable balls with cream sauce, mashed potatoes [1,6,7]
3. Penne all’arrabbiata with baked eggplants [1,3,7]
Salad: Cabbage salad with apples GF,V
Dessert: RAW raspberry-lime mousse GF,V [8]

Wednesday 6.7.2022

Soup: Pea soup with carrots GF,V
1. Goody foody tikka masala, jasmine rice V [1,6]
2. Grilled „robi meat“ with zucchini and dill sauce, baked potatoes V [1,6,10]
3. Beetroot kofta on kari sauce, parsley potatoes GF,V
Salad: Greek salad GF [7]
Dessert: RAW raspberry-lime mousse GF,V [8]

Thursday 7.7.2022

Soup: Vegetable curry soup with quinoa GF,V
1. Baked cauliflower with cheddar and cherry tomatoes GF [3,7]
2. Hokkaido pumpkin stew with smoked tempeh, brown rice GF,V [6]
3. Spinach-cheese steak, mashed patotoes with olive oil [1,3,7]
Salad: Vegetables with mozzarella GF [7]
Dessert: Banana-avocado cake GF,V [8]

Friday 8.7.2022

Soup: Creamy white bean soup with thyme GF,V
1. Nasi goreng GF,S [3,6,8,10]
2. Crispy soy noodles in spicy sauce, jasmine rice GF,V,S [6,11]
3. Strudel stuffed with leek, carrot and feta cheese, mashed potatoes [1,3,7]
Salad: Cauliflower salad with sun-dried tomatoes GF,V
Dessert: Banana-avocado cake GF,V [8]

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