Monday 26.2.2024

Soup: Sour cream bean-pod soup GF,V
1. Broccoli croquettes with blue cheese, mashed patotoes with olive oil GF [3,7]
2. Farfalle with tofu in creamy pea sauce with parmesan [1,6,7,12]
3. Lentil stew with baked oyster mushrooms, brown rice GF,V
Salad: Chinese cabbage with horseradish GF,V
Dessert: RAW cashew cream GF,V [8]

Tuesday 27.2.2024

Soup: Tomato-fennel soup GF,V [12]
1. Robi in gravy sauce, mashed patotoes with olive oil V [1,6]
2. Goody foody balls with pumpkin sauce, baked potatoes [1,3,6,7,12]
3. Chickpea-quinoa curry, jasmine rice GF,V,S
Salad: Broccoli-betroot salad with valeriana GF,V
Dessert: Banana-avocado cake GF,V [8]

Wednesday 28.2.2024

Soup: Harira (Moroccan chickpea soup) GF,V
1. Gnocchi with broccoli-cheese sauce and chives [1,7]
2. Oyster-mushroom stew, jasmine rice GF,V
3. Lasagna Bolognese [1,3,6,7,9,12]
Salad: Caprese salad GF [7]
Dessert: Banana-avocado cake GF,V [8]

Thursday 29.2.2024

Soup: Vegetable soup with red lentils GF,V
1. Beetroot balls with sunflower seeds, mashed potatoes with fried onions GF,V [6,10]
2. Teriyaki tempeh stir fry, jasmine rice GF,V [6,8,11]
3. Beans in tomato-parmesan sauce, jasmine rice GF [7]
Salad: Quinoa Greek salad GF [7]
Dessert: Brownies with currant jam V [1,8]

Friday 1.3.2024

Soup: Cauliflower soup with peas GF,V
1. Seitan à la Stroganoff, baked potatoes [1,6,7,10]
2. Vegan Paella, mashed patotoes with olive oil GF,V
3. Broccoli and carrot quiche, baked potatoes [1,3,7]
Salad: Mixed corn GF,V
Dessert: Brownies with currant jam V [1,8]

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