You are surely interested in the package you get your lunch wrapped in. Protection of the environment is one of our priorities, so we try to arrange all our activities with the minimal impact on the environment. That’s why we use the plant based menu boxes.

We want to provide you by the best food quality, so the lunch is delivered in the laminated eco menu box. The box itself is made of sugar cane and is compostable in the common home compost heap. The laminating foil, the cap of the soup box, the package for the salad or dessert, briefly, everything that seems to be plastic material, is made of plant-based pastics (PLA) and is compostable in the industrial composting machine. If you don’t have such a possibility to composte, please, be aware that the used package is due for the mixed municipal waste. This packages do not belong in the assorted plastic waste!

Thank you that you take care of our planet. If you have any ideas or suggestion how to improve our services, let us know.