We cook and live with the respect to our planet and its resources and THEREFORE:

we do not support the animal industry, that is one of the main causes of the climate crisis

while creating our menu, we apply the principles of the seasonal supply of the fresh vegetables and fruits

whenever it is possible, the menu will be delivered by the bicycle messenger instead of car transport

in our fridges you cannot find the eggs from the hens closed in the cages, we use exclusively free range eggs

self-servis system allows you to put so much food on your plate that you are ready to eat, so the food wastage is minimised

if you want to take away the meal, you can use your own food container or our eco packaging

we support you to drink the unwrapped water

we adopted the bee-hive in order to support the pollinators in Slovakia

we separate the waste, use the saving bulbs and recycle the glass bottles or cans

occasionally, as the tembuilding activity we collect the rubbish in the nature